Improve your game.

"The reason I invented the Divot Check is because when I go to the range, I want to know exactly where my divot started and ended." -John, creator and every day guy.

Not just for divots.

Improve your WHOLE game.

Divot Check - Set of 2 w/ Carabiner +Free Shipping!
  • Learn Distance Control and Set your Tempo

    Use Divot Check as a Distance Control and Tempo Aid! Swing the club back through to specific Divot Check numbers to create muscle memory allowing you to bring you A game to the green.
  • Analyse your Divots

    The Balls on Divot Check were designed to be your reference point before and after the ball is struck. Check your alignment, strike your ball and check the results.
  • Set your feet, club and ball position.

    Divot Check helps you find your proper foot position for all your clubs - including your putter! Use Divot Checks lines to check your alignment and to find your proper ball position.
  • Around the Green

    The only training aid that can truly improve your bunker play! Now you can visualize alignment points for your feet, ball position and where the club should enter the sand and proper swing path.